International Exam - GRE Pattern In Nigeria 2023
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Pattern for
GRE 2023


- GRE Pattern in Nigeria 2023

Writing the GRE exam can be stressful given the duration and length of the question paper. Hence, we teach our students a few prep tips to save time such as quick calculations, finger-tip formulas, and time management. The most significant learning here is time management that only comes through the rigorous practice of sample papers and mock tests. Even though one is aware of the GRE Syllabus and knows all the answers, failure to management time can lead to an incomplete exam.

This is where the importance of being familiar with the GRE Exam pattern is of utmost importance.
The GRE question paper is divided into three main sections, namely, Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning. The total time given to complete the exam is three hours and thirty minutes (3 hours 30 minutes=210 mins) and for computer-based, it is three hours and forty minutes (3 hours 40 minutes= 220 mins).
The paper-based exam includes two sub-sections of each of the main categories- Analytical Writing, Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning. Analytical Writing part contains two tasks with a duration of one hour (60 mins). Verbal and Quantitative reasoning each contains two sections and 50 questions with a maximum time limit of 60 and 70 minutes, consequently. The variable sections of Unscored and Research are not included in the paper-based exam.

For the computer-based pattern, each of these sections is further divided into two-sub-sections with forty questions in total (Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning). Analytical Writing has only one section that contains two tasks with a time duration of one hour. Apart from these main sections, there are two other variable sections included in the computer-based pattern exam. This section is followed by a ten-minute break after the Quantitative Reasoning part is complete. However, these two variable sections- Unscored and Research section- are not included in the final GRE Scores.

While the GRE Pattern may change from time to time generally, the crux of the format remains the same. Currently, the following is the exam pattern which aspirants can look forward to:

2023 GRE Sections Paper-based Computer-based

No. of Sections


No. of Sections


Analytical Writing 2 sections- 2 tasks 60 minutes 1 section- two tasks 60 minutes
Verbal Reasoning 2 sections- 50 questions 70 minutes 2 section- 40 questions 60 minutes
Quantitative Reasoning 2 sections- 50 questions 80 minutes 2 section- 40 questions 70 minutes
Unscored NA NA Varies Varies